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Quick Guide: Flightradar24

      • 1st Option: Click on the magnifying glass -> Enter a valid flight number and select the displayed aircraft => Now you are tracking the flight directly
      • 2nd Possibility: Click on the magnifying glass -> Enter a city with airport, e.g. London or Manchester and click the aiport from the list -> The Flightradar24 will show you all flights related to the airport

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For quite a long time, plane tracking from the ground was a complicated issue. Till date, there is still no means of ground transportation that is as fast as aircraft. Before the invention of digital technology and the internet, only a plane can be used to track another plane but today tracking a plane is easy and free of charge. All you need to have is a personal computer or smartphone and internet connection.


What Does Flightradar24 Mean Today?

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flightradar used to mean physically following an airplane; that is, actually flying or driving behind it. Nowadays people track planes through digital channels; you can make use of smartphones, tablets or even home computers to look up and track just anything about any plane in the world with just a quick glance online.


What Is Flightradar24 Used For?

Originally plane tracking was used for monitoring and controlling airspaces. Flight radar systems were only used by professionals, but now, every plane is located by radar. Today flight radar information is digitized and transferred to map view. This way, you can see the current location of a plane and can also be able to trace the entire progression of a plane on the screen.

But plane tracking is not just used for air traffic control anymore. We can allow you to track planes on a flight radar. To some people, plane tracking is just for fun while to others; the data provides information that are being used on a day to day basis. The flight radar information can be used by private consumers for the following:

    • To look up arrival time and delay

    • To check plane routes

    • To check for potential noise pollution

    • To monitor problems related to planes

    • To have access to details on the departure city and destination airport of a plane


Who Uses a Flight Radar?

Plane tracking is often used by aviation enthusiasts and plane spotters, there can also be used by airline companies. If you work in the aviation world or you are inspired by it, this website will give you an insider knowledge. Airline companies uses this radar to give a better overview as regards their plane movement and fleet. In some cases, plane tracking can also be used to detect possibilities of accidents.


What Is the Practical Information on Flightradar24?

One of the highlights of plane tracking is the map display. It provides insight into the many plane movement taking place every day and night around the world. Flight radars also provide another kind of relevant information which only becomes apparent when you enter a specific flight number or select one of the planes on the map. The information that can be obtained through the plane tracking includes:

    • The name of the aircraft

    • The plane number

    • The scheduled arrival time

    • The scheduled departure time

    • The estimated arrival time

    • The actual departure time ( this is due to delays)

    • The distance flown

    • Information on the type of aircraft

    • Ground speed

    • Flight altitude

    • The flight routes and data on flight control duties


How Does Flightradar24 Work?

If you want to access the data provided by Flightradar24, all you need is an internet connection alongside an internet enabled device. If the requirements are satisfied, once you open our website you will see a map area with many symbols each of which represents a plane in flight. Using the Flightradar24 is comparatively simple, to view details about a particular plane click on the corresponding symbol on the map. This opens up an information window with some details which allows you to see information such as: which cities the plane is currently flying between, the airline, plane type, flight number, speed, the altitude of the aircraft and the calculated arrival time at the destination airport.


Live Radar for Free

the Flightradar24 on flight tracker is completely free. Where ever you are located, you can have access to practical information about each plane and movements. You will get to save your money because, with flight radar, you are always free and can track any plane whenever you want. If you need more features, you can purchase some upgrade in form of membership. More informations at Flightradar24


Flightradar24 – An Exciting Development

The evolution of Flightradar24 from the early stages of aviation to the present day is quite impressive; there was a period when flight radar data could only be viewed by flight control professionals. But today, this information is available to everyone. The future of plane tracking is in 3D viewing; presently it is possible to access the front camera of some airplanes from a smart device and check out the view from the cockpit, we can be sure that there are still a lot more of exciting development ahead for plane tracking