Flight Tracker: How to Use the Radar

As a private person, you have for some time the opportunity to track every flight in the air. All you need is an internet connection and a flight tracking provider. That’s it!

Flight Tracker Manual:

1st Option: Enter Location or Airport

After clicking on the magnifying glass in the top right corner of the radar, you can start typing.

Here you decide now which way you use to pursue the desired flight. Because you can now either enter a city or another city, such as London, Dusseldorf, or New York.

If airports are present in this city, then under the input field every existing airport in this city with the heading “Airports” appears.

Once you have selected the desired airport, you will see a list of departures and arrivals.

In this list view, you can manually select a flight that you want to track, or directly filter out a specific flight in the search bar above.

If you have found the desired aircraft in the list and clicked it, it will be displayed directly on the flight radar.

If you hover over a displayed aircraft in the flight radar and confirm with a left-click, you will see important data such as the flight number, type, speed, and altitude.

Incidentally, if you have selected the aircraft with a left-click, you can scroll down to the left in the overview to get all the important flight information.

This includes a photo of the aircraft (if available), the starting point and the planned landing point, the name and manufacturer of the aircraft with all related data, and, of course, which airline this aircraft carries.

2nd Option: Enter a Valid Flight Number

If you want to track a particular aircraft in the flight radar because possibly friends or acquaintances travel with it, then you can enter in the flight radar top right after clicking the symbol of the magnifying glass a valid flight number and already the airplane will be listed. If you select the aircraft, the aircraft will be displayed and tracked directly on the radar. In addition, you will receive all available information, which is also displayed on the flight radar.

Move and Zoom In on the Flight Radar:

In the window of the flight radar, you can zoom in and out. Hold down the CTRL key on the keyboard and use the mouse wheel to scroll.

Icons and Settings

Airports With a Circle on the Map:

Some major and major airports are shown in the flight radar on the map with a circle or airplane symbol. If there is this possibility, then you can see in the overview how many aircraft are currently incoming or outgoing.

Why Should You Watch Flights Over the Flight Radar?

Not without reason are you looking for a flight radar! Because your friends and relatives travel by airplane, you can watch it now!

Not to think how difficult it is to be in uncertainty when a flight is delayed and you are the taxi driver! That’s why you can be there live on Flugradar24 and know from now on when the desired aircraft actually lands in the airport. Use the flight radar to chase each flight more relaxed.


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